What is bitcoin mining ? what does bitcoin mining entail? What is a bitcoin? This maybe many of the questions some of you may be asking themselves at this very moment , well I got the answers for you here. Bitcoin mining has become a lucrative business currently with many people engaging in bitcoin mining even as a full business orelse a company. Bitcoin mining is very profitable and comes with great returns. To start bitcoin mining you need machines which can be able to mine these bitcoins. Bitcoin miners are used in this case. You can acquire any of these machines at online stores or websites which offer a wide variety of miners. You can also start with a tower desktop of which you will have to include several graphic cards for some good returns maybe two of them. Then you acquire cloud mining software that can be used to mine the bitcoins for you. Another way of acquiring bitcoins is by claiming satoshis for free from faucets of which I don’t recommend mainly because they cannot even pay for your mortgage. One Bitcoin contains 100,000,000 satoshis and therefore difficult to reach one Bitcoin since most faucets offer less than 1000 satoshis. You know why most of us are not willing to think wide and see the bigger picture is that most of lack that entrepreneurial spirit of risking and trying new things but oops I got this big idea why don’t you try this.


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